Tuturor, românilor, şi nu numai!

Crăciun fericit!

… şi nu numai

It snows without mercy, with guilt
Like an accusation, like a silent witness
It snows with a wedding, it snows and it tears up
And it crumbles the last greeting
Woe is us, woman, it snows of breaking-up
We’ll move on, wherever we are headed
It snows to part life and love
Blind lanterns pass on toward the universe
It snows sacred and pagan
Only our eyes left
the break-up to witness
As for the rest of us, we’ve gone out
And of so much snowing we’ve become snowmen
It snows over lips
It snows over eyelids,
It snows over angels
It snows over valleys
It snows over the bell
It snows over waters
It snows, unbelievably, over your eyes

It snows like in Esenin and in Russian poetry
It snows ghostly and Bacovia like,
It snows because I’m cold
It snows because you’re gone
It snows like at the death of the last year